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box card printer

BOX Card Personalization system

ixla box card personalization system

The IXLA BOX is a modular system for mid to high volume laser engraving card personalization. It uses the latest technologies and standards for easy system integration. Its modular design simplifies onsite maintenance and upgrades.


  • Card Input Feeder – The operator simply places a large stack of cards into the input tray where the cards are fed into the system automatically.
  • Vision System – A camera can be installed to identify cards with pre-printed information such as a number or barcode. XY autopositioning can be easily configured with a dedicated web tool.
  • C-CL Encoder – The BOX enables the loading of personal data into the integrated electronic contact or contactless chip (4 heads). The system then verifies whether the data is applied correctly. Malfunctioning cards are sent to the reject bin.
  • Magnetic Stripe Encoder – The inline magnetic stripe reader can read/write 3-track magnetic stripes per ISO 7810 and 7811.
  • Laser Modules – The BOX performs laser engraving of the photo and personal data into the front and back of the card. The data is aligned relative to the pre-printed marks using a camera. The quality of the laser engraving is high, allowing for hidden information to be incorporated into the photograph.
  • Vision Quality Control Unit – The camera cross checks all applied visual data and features with OCR and OCV functions.
  • Card Output Stacker – Finished and approved cards are stacked in the output tray where the operator can remove them at any time, even during operation. The BOX will stop automatically when the last card has been processed and placed in the output tray.

technical specifications


Laser Type

Card Types

Input Hopper

Laser Modules

Output Stacker

Reject Bin

XY Registration

 C-CL Encoder

Magnetic Stripe Encoder


Vacuum System

OCR Barcode Reader



Dimensions (cm)

Weight (kg)


Fiber Laser


500 cards

Configurable 1 to 4

500 cards

In each module


Multiple, up to 8


Up to 1000 cph




SDK & i3 Web App

90 to 210 W x 60 D x 100 H

140 to 200